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El Café


Gastronomic area of
Blueproject Foundation
a new exhibition and creation space in Barcelona.

In our kitchen, everything we do is special.
The restaurant offers dishes that are:


They are made with much dedication, art, awareness
cand as healthily as possible.
We use reverse osmosis filtered water and the finest ingredients.
All our suggestions are delicious and guilt-free.
... Besides, all our products are

100% organic and vegan

Our culinary specialty. A diet, a medicine and a philosophy of life, which is based on eating foods that are raw, live and plant-based, such as fruits, vegetables, greens leaves, roots, seeds, grains, pulses, nuts, oils, fats, algae, flowers, herbs, salt, spices... We use natural cooking techniques to obtain and

preserve food and nutrients, such as sprouting, dehydration, fermentation and maceration. We also grind, mix, filter, blend, cut... As a result, we have endless possibilities of textures, and unique and delightful flavors that remain in your memory. Energy boost and vitality guaranteed.

In its whole extent, El Café participates in the
sustainability of the planet and those inhabiting it.

Bon appétit!

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Blue Project Foundatoin