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Big Draw 2017

Workshops by Ignacio Uriarte


Once again, the Blueproject Foundation is taking part in Big Draw, the drawing festival organized by the Picasso Museum, with a workshop by Ignacio Uriarte.

(Im)productividad gestual y colectiva en dibujo y escultura (Gestural and collective (im)productivity in drawing and sculpture) is a workshop focused on spatial drawing and sculptural intervention, open to people of all ages. The workshop's goal is to generate a space of collective creation, in which all participants may contribute in the production of communal artistic interventions. The Workshop consists of two separate activities: El Camino del Papel (The Path of Paper) a participative spatial intervention, and Amor y Odio (Love and Hate) a collective drawing activity based on monochromatism and emotional expression.

Both activities use a minimum of resources and simple materials and will play with these very limits to transform a potential obstacle into a renewed creative impulse. Humble materials and small actions, repeated many times by many hands, acquire new strength and meaning.

Ignacio Uriarte's work belongs to the tradition of conceptual art and minimalist aesthetics and is build upon solid theoretical grounds and strict self-imposed rules. Uriarte uses exclusively stationery materials, such as A4 paper, ballpoint pens or pencils and transforms them in appealing abstract works through repetitive actions, on the line between the banality of routine and the rhythm of a ritual. His work is rigorous, meticulous, almost obsessive and shows the will to thoroughly investigate the banality of daily life in order to transcend it.

Big Draw 2017

Blue Project Foundatoin